You asked: Can you use any ESC with any motor?

Short answer is no. Not all brushless esc’s are compatible with all brushless motors.

Can you mix and match ESC?

For the most part, yes, you can. A few things you have to consider…in most cases, you can’t run a sensored motor on a sensorless ESC for example. Mostly you have to make sure the ESC can handle the motor wind or KV.

Will any ESC work with any receiver?

Well-Known Member. You need a brushless esc to work with a brushless motor but any esc can be connected to any receiver.

How do I choose the right ESC for my motor?

Now, we will learn all these factors one by one,

  1. Current Rating. The first thing to consider when selecting an ESC is the current rating or ampere rating. …
  2. Input Voltage Rating. …
  3. Weight and Size. …
  4. ESC Firmware. …
  5. With or Without BEC. …
  6. Connection of ESC with motor. …
  7. ESC Protocols. …
  8. ESC Processors.

Are all 2.4 GHz receivers compatible?

So are they or are they not? Every manufacturer of radio gear uses their own 2.4ghz system, and they are all completely incompatible with each other…

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Can you run a brushless motor with a brushed ESC?

You can run a brushless motor on a brushed ESC and vice versa.

What is RC receiver?

Radio-controlled or remote-controlled toys, popularly called RC toys, are self-powered and can be controlled from a distance using a remote that works with radio waves. … The transmitter enables control through radio waves and the receiver activates the motors.

How many amps should my ESC be?

an ESC that might be damaged by too large a current. Larger motors tend to draw more current, and larger propellers, or propellers with a greater pitch will also draw more current. Currently with 4-cell batteries (4S) a 30-amp ESC will suffice for most pilots.

Do I need a new ESC for a brushless motor?

In addition, the brushless motors take a different type of electronic speed controller (ESC), so that must also be replaced. The main advantage of going brushless is—big surprise; wait for it—there are no brushes! Hence, they are maintenance-free.

What is ESC BEC?

What are ESC, BEC, UBEC? ESC stands for Electronic Speed Controller. … BEC stands for Battery Elimination Circuit. It’s just a fancy name for voltage regulator, which converts main LiPo battery pack voltage to a lower voltage (e.g. 2S 7.4V, 3S 11.1V or 4S 14.8V to 5V).

How do I match battery to ESC and motor?

Your ESC should match the battery voltage, for example, a 3-cell battery with 11.1V can be paired with a 12V ESC. The Amp rating is the most important factor to remember here. Your ESC should have a threshold amp rating of about 10% more than the burst rating of the motor.

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What is ESC for 3S LiPo?

Go with the MMP esc. Brushed or brushless, 6s capable, plenty of power. Mamba Monster 2 and new Sidewinder 8th will handle 3S LiPo, high power motors, run brushless and brushed, and are waterproof. So far I have not seen the Sidewinder 8th available standalone (without the motor).