What is a valve body in a transmission?

The valve body acts as the control center of the automatic transmission. … When a shift is needed, valves open and close to direct transmission fluid to the appropriate area to make the gear change occur. Transmission fluid, unlike motor oil, is more than just a lubricating fluid; it’s a hydraulic fluid.

How much does it cost to replace a valve body?

Transmission Valve Body Replacement Cost

The valve body assembly will be in the vicinity of $200 to $500, and the labor to replace it will be around $500 or so. Expect around $1,000 to get you back up and running.

What causes a transmission valve body to go bad?

When the lubricant used becomes worn out or leaks out, the metal parts of the transmission valve body rub against each other and wear out, causing tiny metal pieces to find their way into the transmission fluid. The effect of this is that the gears may stick and in turn fail to work as required.

Can you fix a valve body?

Rebuilding the valve body is a great option that is typically less expensive than purchasing and installing a brand new or remanufactured one. While saving you and your customer money is a great benefit in general, there are situations where rebuilding a valve body is especially appropriate.

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What are the symptoms of a bad valve body?

The valves will wear down, the channels can be abraded and become oversized, and the whole valve body unit can become warped. Signs of a bad valve body can be fluid leaks, slipping during gear changes, or even failure to go into gear.

Can you drive with a bad valve body?

When you experience a symptom of a bad transmission valve body, it is typically very noticeable. Chances are that you won’t be able let it go for too long because it will greatly impact your driving ability and will likely frustrate you while trying to change gears.

What does a performance valve body do?

The valve body is the nerve center of the automatic transmission. It is responsible for creating smooth shifts to the appropriate gear when driving. It does this by directing hydraulic fluid through a maze of channels and passages that activate the appropriate clutch pack or band.

Does a transmission rebuild include the valve body?

A transmission repair is basically that, just a repair. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed. A repair is considered anything less than disassembling the transmission and can include anything from replacing a pump or valve body to a simple solenoid or sensor replacement.