What bumper stickers mean?

What bumper stickers tell people?

The answer is generally a fun decal or a personalized license plate. Sometimes, folks want to show off their kids and express their pride in them for making the honor roll or doing well in sports. But maybe there is more to decals and personalized tags than you might think.

What do the numbered bumper stickers mean?

Now, you may also see stickers like these with numbers. So, what do those mean? Generally, these are used by runners and can indicate a distance ran, such as 26.2 for a marathon or 13.1 for a half marathon. You may also see higher numbers for those who may have completed a triathlon or other athletic event.

What does 50K bumper sticker mean?

However, running stickers are not obvious to those outside the sport. They are oval stickers showing the longest distance race the runner has completed. You might see a 5K (3.1 miles), 10K (6.2 miles) or 13.1 miles (half marathon). … These are represented by 50K (31 miles) stickers, 50 Miles and 100K stickers.

What kind of argument is a bumper sticker?

It is obvious that the argument reflects the driver’s personal views. However, the bumper sticker as the form of sharing one’s views can be regarded as the mode of self-expression.

The evaluation of the argument from a bumper sticker Essay.

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What your bumper sticker says about you?

Some bumper sticker are more likely to agitate other drivers, the survey found. If you have a Trump/Pence sticker, 28 percent of survey respondents will think you are ignorant, 18 percent will think you are obnoxious or annoying and 8 percent will think you’re aggressive, the survey found.

Do bumper stickers make you a target?

BRADENTON, Fla. — As more people are getting out and about, local police have a warning: decals or bumper stickers you put on your car might make you a target for criminals. Even something simple like saying your child is an honor roll student might give criminals the upper edge.

What does GF bumper sticker mean?

Seriously…it means God First. N.

What does 8.2 bumper sticker mean?

For those lucky enough to visit Mackinac Island in Michigan you’ll know that the distance around this quaint place is 8.2 miles. These are 3 x 5″ ovals printed on durable polyester sticker stock. … These stickers are built to handle extreme temperatures and won’t fade in the sun or rain.

What does a 100 sticker on a car mean?

HOUSTON — You may know the 100 Club for their bumper stickers, often one stacked on top on the other. It was started in Houston in 1953. Back then it consisted of just a few members who decided to each donate $100 to help families of Houston police officers killed in the line of duty.

What does a 7.62 sticker mean?

7.62 mm caliber is a nominal caliber used for a number of different cartridges. … 30 caliber, and was most commonly used for indicating a class of full power military main battle rifle cartridges. These are 3×5″ ovals printed on durable polyester sticker stock.

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What does 30A sticker mean?

Forbes. “The bright blue circles appear on cars hundreds of miles from their source. A mystery to many, the stickers trigger fond memories for those familiar with one of America’s most rewarding coastal drives: Highway 30-A in the Florida Panhandle. For them, ’30A’ means good times on the Gulf Coast.” –