Question: How many bumper plates do I need?

Do you need all bumper plates?

If you are doing big movements, CrossFit, or Olympic style lifts, you’ll definitely want to invest in a set of bumper plates. You will end up dropping your bar regularly. Without bumper plates, you will damage your weights and your floor. … If you are doing any barbell work at all, bumper plates are the right way to go.

How many bumper plates do I need Reddit?

You just need one set of 45s. This works especially well if your irons aren’t full Olympic diameter since then only the bumpers will hit the ground. Bumper plates are much much quieter.

Do bumper plates come in pairs?

All bumper plates are sold in singles or pairs. With a collar opening of 2”, they can be loaded onto any standard barbell; and with their thin profile, you can load 5 x 45 lbs and 2 x 15 lbs plates on a standard bar sleeve (510 lbs total).

Is lifting with bumper plates easier?

I hate to be the one to burst your bumper plate bubble, but deadlifting with bumpers is significantly easier when compared to iron plates. This doesn’t mean that your coveted PR no longer stands. … When you PR your deadlift using bumper plates, you obviously still lifted the weight.

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How many bumper plates can you fit on a bar?

Another consideration when mixing metal and bumper plates together is how much of each weight you are using. A good rule of thumb is to use a maximum 1:1 ratio metal to bumper. In other words, if you have a single 45 lb bumper on your bar, you shouldn’t put any more than another 45 lbs in metal plates on the bar.

Can you bench with bumper plates?

To progress your bench press, you’ll want to have a variety of weights on hand. Bumper plates are also a nice addition to your setup as they won’t cause too much damage to your floors if you drop them compared to traditional iron weights. This 160-pound set from REP is likely enough for novice to intermediate lifters.

Are Rep fitness bumper plates good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Product, Great Customer Support! I absolutely love this set in our newly constructed, complete home gym. The bumper plates look and feel great, and a minor shipping issue was promptly rectified by Rep directly.

Are Rogue bumper plates worth it?

The Bottom Line

We’ve tested and reviewed the Rogue HG 2.0 Bumper Plates and found them to be a great bumper plate for most garage gym owners. They can stand up whatever abuse you inflict, are accurate, have a low bounce, and are priced pretty good.

Can you mix rubber and metal plates?

Here’s the question: Can iron plates and rubber plates be mixed and used on the same bar? Answer: Yes, but there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. If you’ve got great rubber bumper plates like the ones we sell at Fringe Sport, then iron and rubber plates can absolutely be mixed and used together.

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Will bumper plates crack concrete?

With great bumper plates, you can absolutely lift and drop your bumper plates on concrete. … You’ve got a lot of iron and a lot of weight coming down, so there is a slight risk to chipping or cracking your concrete floor. Additionally, it’s not great for the barbell.

Do I need bumper plates for deadlift?

Bumper plates are really only needed for the Olympic lifts where the bar is dropped from the hips, the rack position, and/or overhead. Normal strength training or powerlifting that consists of the squat, deadlift, various presses, and the row do not require bumper plates.

Are there bad bumper plates?

Without proper force reduction and minimizing vibration, bumper plates will eventually fail. The constant impact of bumper plates with a hard surface will cause failure ultimately, resulting in broken plates. Most weight room floors that we have inspected use a simple 3/8″ or 8mm recycled rubber for their flooring.

What’s the point of bumper plates?

So, again: the point of a bumper plate is to protect yourself, your barbell, your flooring, and your plates from damage during weightlifting when the barbell is at risk for being dropped. Because they’re covered in virgin rubber, our bumper plates will NOT bounce into your drywall because of their low, dead bounce.