Is the TorqueFlite a good transmission?

The TorqueFlite Chrysler A904 and A727 ( Torque-Command) transmissions were introduced in early 1960. They were extremely reliable and bulletproof. They were installed in Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler cars, vans, trucks, and even race cars. … The TorqueFlite is considered one of the best Dodge/Chrysler transmissions.

Are 727 transmissions any good?

The 727 is highly adaptable and strong enough to handle 450hp engines. This makes the A-727 a good candidate for installing into your Chrysler, GM or AMC car or truck. The Torque Command “8” was released in 1956 for use in the full-size Chrysler cars. The rest of the Mopar fleet began using this transmission in 1957.

Who makes TorqueFlite transmission?

TorqueFlite (also seen as Torqueflite) is the trademarked name of Chrysler Corporation’s automatic transmissions, starting with the three-speed unit introduced late in the 1956 model year as a successor to Chrysler’s two-speed PowerFlite.

How much horsepower can a TorqueFlite handle?

We’ve put stock TorqueFlite transmissions behind big-blocks pushing upwards of 600 hp and found they not only survive, but perform quite well. Pure race applications, however, will find the weak link of any combination, and the transmission is no exception.

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Why do Chrysler transmissions fail?

Dodge transmissions might require service for a number of reasons. However, the most common cause of failure in Dodge transmissions is a malfunctioning torque converter. Torque converters that are not functioning properly can cause shifting problems.

How does a TorqueFlite transmission work?

With the low-reverse band holding the rear planet carrier stationary, torque is transmitted only through the planet pinions (via the sun gear), driving them in a reverse direction. The only thing left to spin is the rear annulus gear which is splined to the output shaft.

How much does a TorqueFlite 727 weigh?

Two sizes of torque converter were available, being 10-3/4″ or 11-3/4″. Gearing for the 727 is 2.54:1 for 1st gear, 1.54:1 for second, 1:1 for third and 2.21:1 for reverse. The weight of the transmission is a hefty 161 lbs.

What is a 727 TorqueFlite?

The Chrysler A-727 transmission, also known as the TorqueFlite 8 units is a three-speed transmission that was launched around 1956. It was mainly used in Mopar cars with larger engine size from 1962 and also found a use case in certain vehicles as their original equipment component.

What cars have the best automatic transmissions?

Best automatic cars

  • • Volkswagen Polo DSG automatic.
  • • Jaguar F-Pace eight-speed automatic.
  • • Smart ForTwo six-speed twinamic.
  • • Porsche 911 PDK.
  • • SEAT Leon DSG automatic.
  • • BMW 3 Series eight-speed auto.
  • • Toyota Prius CVT automatic.
  • • Mercedes S-Class 7G-tronic.

Are ZF transmissions reliable?

ZF provides comprehensive system solutions all from a single source. The transmission components are perfectly harmonized with one another. The result: every transmis- sion system is a brand name product known for its reliability around the world.

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Do Chrysler have transmission problems?

Transmission issues make up roughly 10% of all Chrysler owner complaints . The majority of the issues have been reported by 200 owners.

Does Chrysler still have transmission problems?

Fiat Chrysler (FCA US) has issued technical service bulletins (TSBs) and three transmission software updates, actions the lawsuit alleges proves the automaker knows about the alleged transmission problems. But even with the repairs, customers say their vehicles still suffer from transmission problems.

What years did Dodge have transmission problems?

Common Issues With 2002-2008 Dodge Ram Pickup Trucks. While many of the same problems persist across generations, some issues affect 2002-2008 Dodge Rams more than others. 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 transmission problems are particularly frequent.