Best answer: Does Jiffy Lube fix check engine light?

When your Check Engine light comes on — and stays on — come to Jiffy Lube®. … Jiffy Lube® Technicians will perform a diagnostic test which will help them recommend the right repair or service for your vehicle, if one is called for. And of course they can also reset the Check Engine light.

Does Jiffy Lube check check engine light?

Is your Check Engine Light on? Using a diagnostic tool, Jiffy Lube® scans for trouble codes and provides you with a written description of any codes found to help ensure optimal performance, reliability and longevity of your engine.

How much does it cost to fix check engine light?

The costs to fix whatever’s ailing your car — and causing the light to come on — can vary greatly. Repair costs for the most common check engine light problems range from under $20 to almost $1,200, according to CarMD’s analysis of millions of repairs recommended in 2016 in the U.S.

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Can oil change places check engine light?

These lights can signal something serious or something as simple as a loose gas cap. … One thing that won’t trigger a check engine light: a recent oil change that was done correctly. Oil changes are essential maintenance for your car but it won’t do anything that could trigger your check engine light to come on.

Does Jiffy Lube clean engines?

Household name, Jiffy Lube, provides a convenient drive-up engine cleaning service in their many nationwide locations. Quick and easy, it’s the perfect solution for many of us when it comes to carrying out grubby but necessary car maintenance tasks.

Does Jiffy Lube replace oxygen sensors?

To combat this problem, Jiffy Lube’s Fuel System Services include a fuel filter replacement and a fuel system cleaning for optimal engine performance.

Avoid Check Engine Light Repairs and Save Money with Preventive Vehicle Maintenance.

Type of Repair: Cost: Frequency:
Replace Oxygen Sensor $259.30 7.10%

Can AutoZone check engine light?

Does AutoZone Scan Check Engine Lights? AutoZone does. If your light is on, and you are wondering why, head down to your local AutoZone where one of our store associates can help diagnose the issue through our free Fix Finder service.

Is it OK to drive with check engine light on?

The rule of thumb is that if the check engine light is flashing, you can’t keep driving the car. It’s an emergency. Often it indicates an engine misfire. If you keep driving, you will likely cause irreversible damage, mostly to the (expensive) catalytic converter.

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Does O’Reilly do check engine lights for free?

Check Engine Light Testing – Free

O’Reilly Auto Parts offers free check engine light testing to help you diagnose the problem. Most of our stores can loan you a code reader for OBD 1&2 systems for vehicles from 1996 and up, except in areas where it is prohibited by law.

What is the most common reason for check engine light?

Replacing a faulty oxygen sensor — a sensor used to optimize a vehicle’s fuel-to-air mixture to increase gas mileage and reduce emissions — is the most common cause for a check engine light.

How serious is a check engine light?

The check engine light — more formally known as the malfunction indicator lamp — is a signal from the car’s engine computer that something is wrong. … If the light begins flashing, however, it indicates a more serious problem, such as a misfire that can quickly overheat the catalytic converter.

How many miles can you drive with check engine light on?

When the check engine light is solid, you can typically drive the car for hundreds of miles without an issue. Of course, that depends on which code is stored in the vehicle’s computer. If an engine sensor is faulty, the car will usually use made up sensor values to keep running.

Does Jiffy Lube actually change the oil?

Jiffy Lube services range from tire care to glass repair. But the most well known Jiffy Lube Service is their Signature Oil Change, which includes new oil, oil filter, a fluid top off, and a vehicle inspection, as do most standard oil changes.

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Does Jiffy Lube need appointment?

Jiffy Lube® provides the information you need to take control of your vehicle’s preventive maintenance requirements, like when you should change your motor oil. … Just stop by your local Jiffy Lube® service center when it’s convenient for you. You never need an appointment.

Does Jiffy Lube do mechanical work?

Vehicle Inspections & Services

Jiffy Lube® does preform a basic visual mechanical inspection as part of the Jiffy Lube Signature Service® oil change.